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 about Shark Infested Waters 

Sharkinfestedwaters is an award-winning photographic team from London now based in Greece. We specialise in alt-glamour and punk erotica.

We like photographs of horses, railroads, land, judgement day, family, hard times, whiskey, courtship, marriage, adultery, murder, war, prison, rambling, damnation, salvation, death, pride, humour, vengeance, hope, rowdiness, heartache and love. And gasolene. And god. It’s a Johnny Cash thing.

Sharkinfestedwaters moved from the UK to Rhodes in 2008. In our London studios we set fire to the queen of Heavy Metal and fell through space in a polka-dot dress. We photographed punk rock catfights and the first Dice Baby. Because we could. Because it’s fun. We’ve run barefoot through Hackney and stopped the traffic in Piccadilly Circus to win the awards which still make us smile. We’ve turned hookers and goths into angels and moths. We’ve photographed naked punk chix and public tabloid spankings. We’ve laughed with hungover prom queens and bubblegum dommes, asphyxiated slave-things and spray-painted dolls. They are our friends and lovers and extended family because we’d rather photograph the people that we love than those who have never wished us well.

Generally we want to work with like-minded model souls, cannibal hellcats and reckless performance artists of every description. We also have a stick up our arse about the perception of beauty. We don’t believe the supermarket media. There is always more to beauty than meets the eye. It can be a beautiful world.

We’d rather read Mörat and Richard Hall than John Lydon and Zadie Smith. We’d rather play with Sandra Bernhard and Rie Rasmussen than skinny super-noodles and cheerless modeloids. We’d rather listen to Arvo Pärt or Atari Teenage Riot than absolutely anything ever recorded by anyone under the age of 25. Young people are so lame.

We support live music by pointing a camera at it. Thanks to all the bands too numerous to mention who have supported, inspired and provoked us over the years. Without their soundtrack we would probably not be here at all.

Get in touch and make us proud. Tell us something we didn’t know. Everybody is very welcome. All we can do is try our best for you.

Have hope.

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