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Machine Gun Etiquette – Shoot The Band

Machine Gun Etiquette – Shoot The Band You can usually judge a band by the company they keep. You want to hang out with starlets and sycophants? Congratulations…you’re Kurt Cobain and you’ll soon be dead. You want to hang out with accountants and business advisors? Congratulations…you’re Gary Barlow and you’ll soon make the front page of the Daily Mail for all the wrong reasons….

10 Photo Gimmicks Which Must Die Today

10 Photo Gimmicks Which Must Die Today Photography is the learning curve of death. You’re born. You learn. You keep learning. Then you die. You die frustrated and exhausted in a pauper’s grave. You spent your life searching for that one perfect exposure which proved elusive and spiteful. Join the club. The club which has existed for around 175 years and dates back to…

Blog 101…ME ME ME!

Blog 101 … ME! ME! ME! Shark Infested Waters was created back in 2003 by mistake. Happily this coincided with my 17 year career as a music journalist tail-spinning into oblivion. Over the years I’d worked on assignments around the world with hundreds of photographers. I can’t remember most of them. It seemed to me that photographers had an easy life. They got paid…