In Praise Of…Kim McAuliffe


In Praise Of…Kim McAuliffe

Writing songs for teenagers who want to kill themselves is like shooting fish in a barrel. Keep it bleak, keep it sad and keep it just one chord short of a life support machine because teenagers don’t really want to die. Which is a shame. Young people are so lame. Writing songs to inspire those same teenagers to run riot through the streets screaming blue murder is, however, a far more fantastic talent altogether. Girlschool’s first three albums cluster-bombed an incendiary path between the jumble of Punk and NWOBHM. Raw, ragged and razor-sharp, they inhabited a rarified planet in some booze-fuelled corner of hyperspace and yet delivered everything with a loveable menace and knuckle-hard aplomb. Tough hit singles (with and without Mötorhead) cemented the girls’ reputation as chart-busting pioneers and a hooligan force of sheer exuberance. Slade’s Noddy Holder described them as “uncontrollable” when he foolishly agreed to produce the band’s fourth album. Jimmy Page remains a fan. Guitarist Kelly Johnson is sadly no longer with us.   Read More