10 Photo Gimmicks Which Must Die Today

10 Photo Gimmicks Which Must Die Today

Photography is the learning curve of death. You’re born. You learn. You keep learning. Then you die. You die frustrated and exhausted in a pauper’s grave. You spent your life searching for that one perfect exposure which proved elusive and spiteful. Join the club. The club which has existed for around 175 years and dates back to the man who started this whole photography thing – Louis Daguerre. Daguerre was obviously a complete sadist, an utter bastard and the man responsible for ruining every photographer’s life.

It’s tempting, however, to simply ignore all the complicated stuff and head straight for that big toolbox in your computer labelled BOLLOCKS! That big toolbox is there for a purpose. It’s for monkeys to paint with cheap effects and stab us all in the heart. Go ahead. Make your day. Screw it all up with Software!   Read More