Stupid Into Overdrive…

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Stupid Into Overdrive

The trick is to keep breathing. It should be a simple world. Only the stupid make it complicated. In fact there should be only one rule of self-reign and that is the Law of Stupid. Only stupid people fight wild horses. Only stupid people fly to the moon. Only stupid people seek salvation in Vegas and only stupid people think they’re god. The rest is just vanity.

You can grow old in an armchair if there’s nothing else to do. You can grow old in SoHo or Sarajevo, in a submarine or in a rocket ship. Because we’re never really alone. It’s now easier than ever to log on and drop out. It’s almost compulsory. Except that we know it’s all bullshit. We didn’t really mean to click on everybody’s underwhelming photographs of the super-moon or their lazy-eyed progeny. It was just an involuntary mouse-twitch. A mwitch. We actually meant to start a revolution. But, hey, tick-fucking-tock and all that. Tomorrow. It’s definitely gonna happen tomorrow.   Read More